CDI&E Publications 2014

S. Porada, D. Weingarth, M. Bryjak, V. Presser, and P.M. Biesheuvel, “Carbon flow electrodes for continuous operation of capacitive deionization and capacitive mixing energy generation,” J. Mater. Chem. A 2 9313 (2014). Open Access. [direct link to pdf]

M.E. Suss, P.M. Biesheuvel, Th.F. Baumann, M. Stadermann, and J.G. Santiago, “In Situ Spatially and Temporally Resolved Measurements of Salt Concentration between Charging Porous Electrodes for Desalination by Capacitive Deionization,” ES&T 214 2008 (2014). [direct link to pdf]

P.M. Biesheuvel, S. Porada, M. Levi, and M.Z. Bazant, “Attractive forces in microporous carbon electrodes for capacitive deionization,” J. Solid State Electrochemistry 18 1365-1376 (2014). [direct link to pdf]