A message from our chair Prof. Peng Liang (Tsinghua University)

Many times when I passed by the conference venue of our 2019 CDI&E conference, it reminds me of the wonderful days we were together to share our passion and knowledge towards better understanding and application of CDI-related technologies. Those CDI&E conferences held every other year have been great opportunities for all top researchers and engineers in this field to meet and communicate in person. However, due to the attack of COVID-19 which greatly affects the ways of our living and working, organizers of 2021 conference have decided to move it online. I believe it will be a great opportunity for us to meet and share again.
Despite those changes, CDI research is not at a standstill at all. Up to 380 papers have been published in Web of Science indexed journals in the year 2020, 50 papers more than last year. With considerable difficulties to perform experimental studies, many research groups have been making great efforts on reviewing works and published them in top journals.
These remarkable contributions allow CDI to retain its hot-topic status in the field of environmental science and technology through this year, which also gives all communities great happiness and confidence to pursue our research. I would like to wish you a happy and fruitful new year. And again,

I look forward to seeing you all at CDI&E 2021 conference.
- Prof. Dr.Peng Liang,
   Chairman - CDI&E working group.