Conference Taipei, Taiwan, July 2-6, 2023

On behalf of the organising committee, we were cordially invited to take part in the 6th International Conference on Battery Deionization & Electrochemical Separation (6th BDI&E), which was held on July 2-6, 2023 in Taipei City (National Taiwan University).

As more battery materials were applied to the research field of capacitive deionization (CDI) technology, the International working group for CDI&E decided to change the title of CDI&E conference to Battery Deionization & Electrochemical Separation (BDI&E). The conference brought together international experts from the fields of CDI, BDI, and electrochemical separation to share their knowledge and experiences.

We were honored to arrange internationally distinguished talks in this field and include a tutorial program that will hopefully make the conference a professionally inspiring event. The conference provided a key platform for the researchers to introduce their scientific work.