CDI&E working group

The international working group for CDI&Electrosorption has been established on May 27th, 2014 in De Grote of JacobijnerKerk, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. One of the tasks of the working group is to coordinate the CDI&E conference series. More task will be outlined in the near future, including issuing guidelines for CDI&E definitions, measurement techniques, and data analysis.

Working Group members

    • Prof. Dr. Matthew Suss, Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), Israel (chair). Website
    • Dr. Jouke Dykstra, Wageningen University, the Netherlands (secretary). Website
    • Prof. Dr. Xiao Su, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. Website 
    • Prof. Dr. Marta Hatzell, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. Website
    • Prof. Dr. Roland Cusick, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. Website
    • Prof. Dr. Peng Liang, Tsinghua University, China. Website
    • Prof. Dr. Jieshan Qiu, Dalian University of Technology, China. Website
    • Dr. Maarten Biesheuvel, Wetsus, the Netherlands. Website
    • Prof. Dr. Jeyong Yoon, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea. Website
    • Dr. Xiaowei Sun, CEO, EST Water & Technologies, China.
    • Prof. Dr. Linda Zou, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, United Arab Emirates. Website

CDI&E working group July 2017Left to right on picture: P. Liang, A. van der Wal, X. Sun, M. Hatzell, J. Yoon, M. Suss, R. Cusick and P.M. Biesheuvel (July 2017).

CDI&E working group October 2015Left to right on picture: M. Suss, P.M. Biesheuvel, L. Pan, J. Yoon, V. Presser, C. Na, and X. Sun (October 2015).

board2014Left to right on picture: J. Qiu, P.M. Biesheuvel, J. Yoon, V. Presser, M. Suss, and X. Sun (May 2014).

Advisory and Oversight Board

Former Working Group members 

  • Prof. Dr. Chongzheng Na, University of Notre Dame, USA. Website
  • Prof. Dr. Volker Presser, INM - Leibniz Institute for New Materials / Saarland University, Germany. Website (2014-2018)